But pro tools is a more universal "everybody basically uses it the same way" type of DAW. It's very capable, and even the stock plugins run the gamut from okay to amazing. I use Logic X to produce anything MIDI based, and I use pro tools to record anything live like vocals, guitars, etc... (you can do this in Logic easily, i just find pro tools better suited to it for my tastes). TL;DR Get both. Used it since Logic Pro 8 on and off for fun with friends growing up but bought LPX in 2017 and have used it regularly ever since, semi professionally. I find this a strange thing for you to say immediately after giving logic a win for MIDI programming. If you'll be engineering in Pro studios it's a good idea to know Pro Tools as that's the most common DAW you'll run into. I get that way sometimes. Logic Remote is available in several different views, and is capable of MIDI input and parameter adjustment. i've been using logic for 2/3 years producing electronica, however i recently tried out pro tools. Yeah, if you know your way around GarageBand and like that format, I would go with Logic. For me, Logic Pro X is the clear winner and best DAW between the two, regardless of genre. Thank you for the insight. I'm using Logic for recording and music production, how beneficial would it be for me to use protools instead? Logic is definitely a better songwriting and structuring program. In short, Pro Tools is better for the experienced For me personally, protools gives me a far better workflow, ironically all the menus/key commands seem more logical than logic itself. So let’s get to it. Logic Pro still has the nonsensical flaw around surround panning (which Apple may never solve), and it’s primarily a music platform which can be turned into a DAW. Depends ideally on the music you are making. If you are proficient with both, you'll have a much more flexible project studio. :P, New comments cannot be posted and votes cannot be cast, More posts from the WeAreTheMusicMakers community, Continue browsing in r/WeAreTheMusicMakers, Press J to jump to the feed. In my opinion Logic is better for MIDI...but price not withstanding they are pretty even in my books. It comes with a full library and browser. Composition and mixing instructor John Davies explores the surprising differences and similarities of GarageBand and Logic Pro X. Pro Tools is my go-to for mixing and mastering, but I compose/arrange/scratchpad in Logic if I get the chance. Pro Tools is my go-to for mixing and mastering, but I compose/arrange/scratchpad in Logic if I get the chance. If you can't get both, and you are an aspiring mix engineer, get Pro Tools. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts. Its a bit of a process going back and forth but Pro tools is far better suited for mixing than Logic is and Logic is far better suited for midi production than pro tools is. Here's some exciting performance stats from Pro Tools Expert. Protools advantage...if you know Protools you can pretty much walk into any commercial studio and not only be able to run the software side of the session yourself; but at the end of the session you can take home the protools file and open it at home to do your mix...(no need to output mix stems). Pro Tools - ask me which Digital Audio Workstation (DAW) I think is best: Logic Pro 9 or Pro Tools 8. But, once you get past the initial learning curve (learned it faster than I learned Ableton), PT is pretty handy. This irritates me to no end. Better suited to mixing and mastering stems than making tunes from scratch like you can in logic/ableton. This is a good subreddit. Since in am already used to the workflow in PT I am going to write my grant for that and get logic down the road. Hey gang, OK this is my first post, so please be gentle. Logic vs. It will help you understand the foundations of computer based recording and production. Logic Pro is only available on Mac. Pro Tools offers a free trial, while Logic Pro does not. I have been using PT for the last couple years but I have heard that Logic is a little bit more versatile. It is beautifully laid out, powerful, and sounds great. Pro Tools (Part II) If you’ve been following along you will know this is Part II of a comparison between Logic and Pro Tools. It's very capable, and even the stock plugins run the gamut from okay to amazing. Pro Tools will be around for a long long time and is the DAW of choice for most audio engineers/mixing specialists that work with recorded sound. If you can't get both, and you are a songwriter, get Logic. I will also be purchasing an interface in the next year. In order to allow more control, the Logic Pro X DAW has added a free iPad app called Logic Remote. EDIT: For me, it's the file handling. The main differences between Logic Pro and Pro Tools are: Pro Tools is more industry-standard, whereas Logic Pro is popular with musicians Pro Tools offers a Free Trial, whereas Logic Pro does not Pro Tools offers flexible Yearly, Monthly, or one time paid plans, whereas Logic Pro offers a … Also its not what you got, it's what you do with what you have. Other than that there are a few differences between the two but Logic can do pretty much anything you'd do in PT. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts. Even though I work in Pro Tools, at the end of the day I go home and write music in Logic. Just let me route cables efficiently, Max.) I split this into two posts for your eyes’ sake because it was soooo long. When choosing between the two, the most important thing to consider is OS compatibility: Logic Pro X – Logic is only available on Mac. Logic Express is awesome for the price. Logic Remote is available in several different views, and is capable of MIDI input and parameter adjustment. To me, pro tools is for working, and logic is a fun creation tool, you can do anything in any of them, but those are how I approach them. Thanks for being nice and not condescending. In the beginning, there was ether and chaos all around. Pro Tools offers flexible annual, monthly, or one-time payment plans, while Logic Pro offers a one-time fee of $199. Basically shows a MBP M1 outperforming an i9 MBP with twice the RAM, running twice the Space Designers. Overall, Logic has the advantage for me. All of this makes the Pro Tools workflow less fluid than Logic Pro. if you're working out of your own studio, use whichever you prefer. Pro Tools is kinda get right to recording physical things. To recap here … Not always the case with Logic. Navigation is easy as well via the navigation bar along the top of the screen. Pro Tools has flexible payment models. Fairly long time Logic Pro user. Everything in PT is non destructive, meaning you are never altering the source file, only creating new files, so you can always get back to the source if you need to. Press J to jump to the feed. Cons...price, Logic is cheaper, and it (PT) isn't always the most intuitive DAW. As for larger choices, Pro Tools vs. Logic, that's going to come down to preferences AND the type of audio productions you produce. However, Apple’s Logic Pro makes MIDI much easier to manipulate. pro tools vs logic pro x: the layout differences Apple Logic Pro X Layout – This audio recording tool has a loop library where you can quickly choose loops, strings, etc. they'll mostly do the same things. I have Pro Tools and Logic, each serve their purpose. me personally....Logic makes me want to find the nearest skyscraper (in NYC it'd be a short trip....), climb up to the roof, and take a long leap off. I wrote this down and realized it was so long it was worthy of two posts. I'm planning to get Pro Tools for the first time. As /u/rightanglerecording has bulleted, both are very capable workstations, but each has strong points and weaknesses. An old version of Pro Tools and Logic Pro 9 are the DAWs available to me at the moment and what I've been using, and I tend to find that I prefer the general audio quality of Pro Tools but find that the synths etc aren't always as easily customisable in things like Xpand, etc to the level that Logic … Logic vs. Pro Tools excels at workflow options for those of you who predominantly work with bands and need to work with large amounts of live multitracking comping. The stock options for virtual instruments and effects plugins in Logic Pro X dwarf the stock options in Pro Tools. Logic's been rock solid for me for many years and Pro X has been improving steadily every year, and you get good updates every couple of months, often adding significant functionalities. Simply drag and drop them where you want them, and Logic puts it in time with the tempo of that session. I mean logic has functions that protools doesn't and vice versa, but i mean if your deciding down to the last feature that one has and the other doesn't, your doing it wrong in my opinion. i don't know how anyone uses it and remains sane. Pro Tools This is Part 1 of a two part article comparing Logic and Pro Tools. Any particular set of videos out there on the web that you'd recommend watching to brush up on PT? . I am writing a grant to get some software for myself. Then Al Gore Jr. enabled (not invented) the Internet to come about. Logic has way more creative content OOTB. Youtube has always been a decent go to for tutorials if i don't understand something haha. Loading up a new instrument in Logic Pro X is as easy as selecting your track and then selecting you instrument from the well laid out Library tab. level 1. Products, practices, and stories about the profession or hobby of recording, editing, and producing audio. That helps a lot. While I fully respect that opinion and find that some software makes me want to do the same thing (fuck you, Adobe Illustrator! For grant-writing purposes, aim your sights on Pro Tools. GarageBand is free, it is Logic albeit in a more newbie friendly configuration, and is in itself a damn good DAW. Logic Pro … Usual advice; work with whats best for you. Bobby Borg: OK, so the last point is standardization. All the hardware you buy will be compatible with Logic, and you can buy Logic with your own money (it's $200). In that case Pro tools is not 'Pro' for me any more, besides 12 moth of subscription covering a product sounds like a big joke to me. Stop making file management so difficult, Wwise! TL;DR Get both. FL Studio and Logic Pro X are two of the most popular, acclaimed DAW’s on the market, and are both incredibly powerful, versatile pieces of software. Damn impressive. Pro Tools vs Ableton Live: Who Wins?. Logic vs. pro tools LE. It comes with a full library and browser. Logic vs. The price is unmatched and in my opinion the whole suite, sample library and plugins are above what FL offers. Thanks for your post. Ableton Vs Logic: Winner, Winner, Chicken Dinner. Pro Tools HD 12 Avid 12.5 32-bit and 64-bit Windows 7, 8 and 10 Direct Download (1GB) So here’s part one for you. Ableton Live excels as a creative suite for electronic and digital realm producers, with intuitive ‘live’ performance features that Pro Tools does not offer. Pro Tools is a mixing powerhouse. I get asked this question a lot ... in some ways it's a tough question because at the end of the day both Logic Studio and Pro Tools do exactly PT is a bit user configurable, but not nearly on the level of Logic, which makes collaborating between different pro tools users MUCH easier than between different Logic users. Pro Tools HD is the one thats over 1k you can get the standard version for around £400. Okay, I'm gonna ask a really stupid question... but seriously. If we compare with pro apps like Logic Pro, Pro Tools and the like, Audition still rates well. I'm confused about the differences and advantages Protools has over a DAW like Logic, EDIT: Wow, thanks everyone. Logic Pro is a flat fee. the thing is I'm a longtime Pro Tools user, at least the last ten years or so. But once a song is ready to mix it goes back to pro tools to mix unless its just too intricate a session in Logic to easily export. Pro Tools is regarded as industry-standard in pro audio circles. I took a few classes on it in college so I'm not new to the program but it has been a while. Automation is far easier to use in PT. As far as which is better, I have experience with both so can offer an unbiased opinion. Logic has way more creative content OOTB. I know you can copy to a new region and then have individual freedom, but that is one step more than should be needed. But if I'm doing a lot of tracking, editing and comping, I'll always prefer pro tools. If your music is electronic and MIDI-based, then Logic trumps it, no question. This is clearly an official and approved sal if you're doing primarily midi/programming/softsynths, Logic may be slightly more intuitive, if you're doing primarily live audio, editing, mixing, Pro Tools may be slightly more intuitive, if you're freelancing at multiple studios, you gotta know PT, if you're hosting outside engineers at your studio, you gotta have PT. Thread starter micheru; Start date May 26, 2004; micheru SeenYour Member. In short, they both use MIDI. But pro tools is a more universal "everybody basically uses it the same way" type of DAW. I got a call from a local singer guitar player who I have done some tracks for in the past, he likes my studio and the sound we get for him. Logic is owned by Apple, so we will never see a Windows release. Pro tools is like the PC of DAWs, while logic is like a Mac; both are incredibly capable and comparable, however each is strikingly more convenient for different users, depending on experience and intentions. I appreciate the input. What is it about Logic that gets your goat? You can do destructive edits to your source audio in Logic and once its changed, (unless you "undo") its changed forever. If I duplicate a region, and I change one of them, then both are affected. If you're doing a lot of editing you'll swear much less in Pro Tools than Logic. in my opinion ;-). In order to allow more control, the Logic Pro X DAW has added a free iPad app called Logic Remote. The price is on point too. Primary differences between Logic Pro and Pro Tools: Pro Tools is available on Mac and PC. You get married with Pro Tools, Logic is an easy-going guy, you can get along with easily, even if it’s for one night. I have it and it has way more bang for your buck than ProTools does. Relating to Apple product Logic X is only available for Apple users, so PC users can't reach this software any more. To the people saying that no one uses FL Studio professionally; most hip hop producers use FL Studio. I think Pro Tools is unbeatable when it comes to audio editing and recording. They are VERY different DAW's. I see that Vintage Audio King is offering a Labor Day 20% off sale so it seems like a good time to buy. Logic Pro X is only available for Mac, and can be downloaded from the App Store for £199.99. I am mainly using it for sampling and sound manipulation and some multi tracking. I use Logic because I do film scoring as part of my studies. New comments cannot be posted and votes cannot be cast, More posts from the audioengineering community. I use both everyday. If for some reason you are restricted to one DAW for your home studio, I recommend Logic. If I'm just coming up with a song idea or recording a live demo, I'll just use logic. You'll find it in every studio, it truly is the industry standard in the recording and post-production fields. Navigation is easy as well via the navigation bar along the top of the screen. Pro Tools for post-production work and Logic for music. I see friends, the engineers and mixers that I look up to use Pro Tools. FL Studio 20 – For many years, FL Studio … If you can't get both, and you are a songwriter, get Logic. In terms of advantages over Logic, I would say if you're doing a lot of music with live instruments or you're in a band and you're just going to be recording a lot as opposed to sequencing MIDI, Pro Tools is a great option and it's workflow will make your life very easy. Then, there was more chaos. The ease at which you can use these things sweetens the deal!