Yes it can, just like any other state. Under the joint resolution of Congress, the Republic of Texas joined the Union with the right to partition itself into as many as five states. That is the issue with California. The popular claim is that Texas can do … Utah. Texas doesn't have any more right or ability to do this than any of the other 49 states. And then someone mentioned that Texas retains the right to split into five states. Rick Perry (R) expressed similar sentiments in 2009, threatening secession if "Washington continues to thumb their nose at the American people." But some states the GOP brought into the union during the late 19th century had far fewer people than the average House district. Florida isn't the only state that operates like a dysfunctional family stuck on an 18-hour road trip. Can Texas really divide into five states? As a result, Texas "divisionists" would occasionally propose partitioning in its early decades. Yes. We were arguing on FARK the other night about mindless drivel. The federal government exists by the authority of the states. The resolution of 1845, states that division is "under the provisions of the Federal Constitution". The 5 news states would have to be admitted to the union. Actually, I think it would have to pass with other states. Texas Gov. And google seems to reveal that may be the case, but the answer isn’t authoritative. Texas is not allowed to secede, but they do have it written their constitution that they can split into 5 separate states, so in fact they can secede, but not at its current size. The new episode of revisionist history claims that Texas can split parts of itself into four other states, at most, leaving five Texan states altogether. People seem to forget that the United States was formed by 13 colonies that became states. Texas could split into five states. From the wikipedia page linked as "Read more" in the article (emphasis mine):. Texas can operate as a stand-alone entity with energy, food, water and roads as if we were a closed-loop system," Smitherman said. According to the 1845 Joint Resolution for Annexing Texas, we can divide ourselves into five different states if we choose.In 2009, analyst Nate Silver imagined a five-state … Technically, any state can divide itself into however many states, with the approval of its legislature and Congress. But so can Rhode Island. Can Texas split into five states? The Kingdom of Mar-a-Lago would for sure include the states now racing to reopen for business despite the risks that have been clearly laid out by one medical authority after another. Texas, Virginia, Pennsylvania, California and Washington would probably be better off split up. As five states, the people in the five states areas would have much more power in the Senate and just as much power in the house. Contrary to popular belief, Texas has no more right to secede than any other state. The basis for this reasoning can be found in the opening of the Let's Mess With Texas Essay by Vasan Kesavan and Michael Stokes Paulsen: 9.