If you are searching for a word in the Chinese dictionary and not receiving any results, try without Pinyin (term in brackets). These dictionaries are the result of the work of many authors who worked very hard and finally offered their product free of charge on the internet thus making it easier to all of us to communicate with each other. A statement made about dying individuals since ancient times, it was cited in numerous proverb collections from 1539 on. (Artium Baccalaureus) Bachelor of Arts A.C. (ante Christum) before Christ A.D. (anno domini)…, dum vita est spes est Required fields are marked *. Perhaps the best way to enable dictionary search is through integration into the search field of your browser. My name is Tomislav Kuzmic, I live in Croatia and this site is my personal project. Let me take this chance to thank all who contributed to the making of these dictionaries and improving the site's quality: EUdict is online since May 9, 2005 and English<>Croatian dictionary on tkuzmic.com since June 16, 2003. Latin words for hope include spes, spe, spe,, spem, sperare and praespero. Latin Phrases: Hope, Hoping View all dum vita est spes est – While there is life, there is hope dum vita est spes est While there’s life, there’s hope dum spiro, spero While I breathe,… LATIN translation of "while there's life, there's hope"? If you are unable to add a bookmarklet in Mozilla Firefox according to the instructions above, there is another way; right click on a link and select Bookmark this link… Now you can drag this link from Bookmarks to the Bookmarks Toolbar. Afterwards, you simply type the chosen keyword in the address bar to start the search in the chosen dictionary. : EUdict (European dictionary) is a collection of online dictionaries for the languages spoken mostly in Europe. en. / While there is life there is hope Dum vivimus, vivamus - While we live, let us live (Epicurean philosophy) Where there’s life there’s hope. I do this in my spare time. Total number of language pairs: 492Total number of translations (in millions): 14.3, Improved: English<>Italian, English<>Portuguese, Spanish>English. When I stand before God at the end of my life, I would hope that I would not have a single bit of talent left, and could say, 'I … Esperanto is only partially translated. Jan 12, 2012 - "While there is life, there is hope" (Latin) Showing page 1. pl. English Translation: … pl. Found 2 sentences matching phrase "while there is life".Found in 2 ms. So long as one is alive, then there remains the hope of recovery or improvement, regardless of what bad happened in the past. Save Comp 500 WALLPAPERS 13468 POINTS. I am responsible for the concept, design, programming and development. Some of the dictionaries have only a few thousand words, others have more than 320,000. 1. at about 30 years of age having written six plays, all of which have survived. abl) A life is enriched BY THESE (friendships) his (fem. While there is life, there is hope. However bad life may seem, there is always something you can do, and succeed at. Modern calligraphic print. To the sick, while there is life, there is hope. Please help us improve this site by translating its interface. Aegroto, dum anima est, spes est - For the sick, while there is life, there is hope (Philosophical Term - Cicero Ad Atticum IX, 11) Aliis coluit non sibi - He cultivated for others and not for him (Cicero Orationes) while there's life there's hope. If you are searching for a word in Japanese (Kanji) dictionary and not receiving any results, try without Kana (term in brackets). latin quote handwritten with chalk on a green school board. dum vita est spes est – While there is life, there is hope. Dec 11, 2018 - Dum Vita Est, Spes Est - While There Is Life, There Is Hope. To have a double hope. Neil deGrasse Tyson Quotes. abl) A life is enriched BY THESE (friendships) illis: a desire devoid of hope: desiderium spe vacuum: a friend is the solace of life: amicus vitæ solatium We lost everything in that fire, but we all made it out alive, and while there's life, there's hope. Decrease Font Size Increase Font Size Text Size Print This Page Send by Email. pl. deo juvante With God’s help (motto of Monaco)…, Joannes est nomen ejus or:  Ioannes est nomen eius or:  Iohannes est nomen eius…, sapientia superat moras Wisdom overcomes difficulty (Motto of Bolton Institute of Higher Education, Bolton,…, quoqunque jeceris stabit Whithersoever You Throw It, It Will Stand Motto of the Isle…, montis insignia calpe Badge of the Rock of Gibraltar Motto of Gibraltar (British…, casus belli That which causes or justifies war…, pro rata Proportionally; for a proportion. Instead of clicking the Search button, just press Enter. While there’s life, there’s hope. Latin; while there is life, there is hope: dum vita est, spes est (fem. : While I breathe, I hope (a motto of South Carolina) duplici spe uti. while there is life there is hope: nulli desperandum, quamdiu spirat: a desire devoid of hope: desiderium spe vacuum: a friend is the solace of life: amicus vitæ solatium Free 2-day shipping. The common Latin expression is Dum spiro spero ("While I breathe, I hope"). abl) A life is enriched BY THESE (friendships), a life of peace, purity, and refinement leads to a calm and untroubled old age (Cicero), est etiam quiete et pure et eleganter actæ ætatis placida ac lenis senectus, a life without purpose is an aimless one (Seneca), a man is lent, not given, to life (Publilius Syrus), a monument is an unnecessary expense; our memory will endure if we have earned it by our life (Pliny the Younger), impensa monumenti supervacua est; memoria nostra durabit si vita meruimus, a quiet journey in the untrodden paths of life (Horace), A reminder of life (literally remember that you have to live), a short term on earth is long enough for a good and honorable life (Cicero), breve tempus ætatis satis est longum ad bene honesteque vivendum, according to the state of a man’s conscience, so in his mind do hope and fear arise on account of his deeds (Ovid), conscia mens ut cuique sua est, ita concipit intra pectora pro facto spemque metumque suo, alas!, I have lost my life in laboring over nothing (Grotius), all the arts, which belong to polished life, are held together by some common tie, and connected, as it were, by some intimate relation (Cicero), etenim omnes artes, quæ ad humanitatem pertinent, habent quoddam commune vinculum, et quasi cognatione quadam inter se continentur, all things will now come to pass that I used to think impossible; and there is nothing that we may not hope to see take place (Ovid), omnia jam fient, fieri quæ posse negabam; et nihil est de quo non sit habenda fides, Authors of the Chinese-English dictionary, Authors of the French-Japanese dictionary, Authors of the German-Japanese dictionary, tungtungan, kinatatayuan; pinagmumulan, pinagbubuhatan. Disable spellchecking in Firefox by going to Tools → Options → Advanced → Check my spelling as I type. (fem. Tolle, lege; Tolle, lege!~ Augustinus. 344 WALLPAPERS 21026 POINTS. Why not add a EUdict search form to your web site? LIFE UNIVERSE TIME. Handwritten quote for cards, poster or t-shirt. / While there is life there is hope Dum vivimus, vivamus - While we live, let us live (Epicurean philosophy) Look at the complete list of languages: Available language pairs.

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