Promoting attitudes of accepting realities and recognising differences for individual needs are vital areas of inclusive education. The online learning environment requires faculty members to think creatively about how to achieve these goals. Inclusive teaching and learning recognises the wider value of diversity to society The world is facing severe challenges and “needs people to undertake the challenges – people from different backgrounds, ideals, beliefs, abilities and ways of thinking. Below, I have provided a harsh, exaggerated example. Challenging any negative attitudes. Behaviour & Wellbeing. Following the Inclusive Classroom training, examples provided by the departmental facilitator may be included in the curated list below. Toward that end, you should consider adopting inclusive teaching and learning practices, which Hockings (2010) defines as a range of intentional strategies that “engage students in learning that is meaningful, relevant and accessible to all.” Here are some examples of inclusive teaching … These strategies contribute to an overall inclusive learning environment in which students feel equally valued. Inclusive teaching involves cultivating awareness of the dynamics that shape classroom experiences and impact learning. men/women, Christians, whites, heterosexuals, etc. We wish to provide a resource enabling more diverse and inclusive examples to be used in teaching R. Often examples are based on subjects that tend to be more appealing to men (men's sport, cars, finance) or have a US/Western bias (politics, movies/pop songs). Setting clear rules in regards to how people should be treated. ... One such effective practice example lies within our College of Sciences where colleagues have adjusted several field courses and practical elements, in Biosciences, to accommodate individuals with learning difficulties and impaired mobility. Inclusive teaching strategies refer to any number of teaching approaches that address the needs of students with a variety of backgrounds, learning modalities, and abilities. Understanding and Using Inclusive Teaching and Learning Approaches. Increasing Inclusivity in the Classroom. Goals To provide examples of how inclusive language can be implemented in a syllabus that instructors can either cut-and-paste into their own syllabi or use as a model which they can adapt or supplement with their own words. Fostering and maintaining inclusive learning environments is essential to enabling full participation, engagement, and learning for all students. LGBTQ-inclusive curriculum benefits all students by promoting acceptance and respect, and teaching them more about the diverse people and families in the world. It also involves being responsive to these dynamics and intentional about using strategies, or inclusive moves, that foster a productive learning environment. What is inclusive education? Working in small groups and pairs means inclusive participation for some students and is … A learning style questionnaire could be handed out at the start of a course which, once completed will inform the teacher about the learning styles of the students. The principles of inclusive teaching and learning are also informed by good teaching practice and environments that humanise the learning experience. Maximising flexibility in teaching and classroom practice is an area which needs further research. Inclusive teaching asks us to critically examine not just the way we teach on a day-to-day basis, but the prep work and organization we do before the course begins. Sometimes there will be difficulty; inclusive teaching empowers students and teachers to navigate this together. Teachers can avoid this kind of alienation and reach the largest number of students possible through inclusive pedagogy and teaching practices, such as double-checking language for unintended privileging, introducing new structures to in-class learning activities, and ensuring that material is covered with respect and awareness. Behaviour Recording Documents; Wellbeing: Food and Mood Chart A classroom that encourages active participation is the goal of most teachers, but inclusive learning goes a step further to involve students in a teaching and learning partnership. The goals of this teaching guide are threefold: 1) to discuss the importance of inclusivity in the classroom, 2) to present examples of teaching more inclusively, and 3) to provide additional resources for further guidance. The examples below are related to CELT’s Strategies to Create an Inclusive Classroom (PDF).Additional resources may be found on CELT’s Inclusive Teaching Resources page. Download file to see previous pages The paper "Inclusive Learning and Teaching" is a perfect example of a case study on education. Teaching in inclusive classrooms requires teachers to have the 3Hs: the heart (commitment), the head (critical knowledge) and hands (practical strategies). An inclusive approach should offer a range of assessments to all students: ie different assessment of the same learning outcomes. Approaches to ensuring inclusive learning and teaching. Yet it can be hard to recognize in one’s own speech that some of the most basic idioms and examples are often not inclusive, for they are actually very specific to one group in society (e.g. Both nationally and internationally, educational policies and legislation related to inclusion have been created to sustain the rights of every child in an educational environment. 10 Simple Strategies to Prevent Behaviour Escalation. Imagine a learning environment that embraces diverse perspectives and empowers all students to be actively engaged. Teachers must be fully committed to include all learners. Designing Your Course “While many courses do not (and many cannot) include content that directly addresses diversity, and many classes and institutions (regrettably) do not reflect a powerfully diverse student demographic, I contend that all classrooms can contribute to an inclusive climate. Examples of mediums could include theater, art, video and computer software in addition to the traditional mediums of lecture and text. Print Version. Creating an inclusive learning environment is an extremely important aspect of modern education, which, according to Gravells (2008: p18), ensures that “[…] all learners are entitled to be treated with respect and dignity.Everyone is an individual, with different experiences, abilities and needs.” ... For example, an adjustment in lighting for one student may adversely affect another. Inclusive Teaching Learning 2 Essay examples. A uniquely collaborative approach to addressing the issues of inclusive learning and teaching (with contributions from 39 people over 30 institutions) has identified 8 approaches to inclusive learning and teaching:. Building Inclusive Classrooms. 12114 Words 49 Pages. Although many schools have moved into the inclusive education, teaching students with special educational needs still remains a challenge for teachers and schools. Inclusive Teaching. Creating an all-inclusive culture for staff and students. "Providing equitable opportunity to unlock infinite potential" - Loren Swancutt Below you will find examples of inclusive curriculum design and delivery. Examples to promote equality and diversity in the classroom are: (High Speed Training, 2019). Inclusive Teacher: Autism Awareness; My Awesome Autism: Author Interview; Teaching with TEACCH: Autism; Friendship and Autism: A Case Study. The examples highlight how universal principles, quality differentiated teaching practice, and adjustments can be applied to the regular curriculum to ensure equitable participation and learning opportunity for all. They need to understand inclusive practices benefit all students, regardless if they have additional needs. Trauma, challenging behaviour and restrictive practice in schools. ). This starts with acknowledging that students are members of diverse communities, have different individual learning needs and unequal opportunity -guides/inclusive-teaching and is based on the “deep teaching” model (Dewsbury, 2019), in which inclusive pedagogy involves being as reflective about our teaching as we expect our students to be about their learning. Differences are an asset and a diverse learner body and workforce enrich an organisation. The current paper will contribute to the existent literature regarding the inclusive education, by providing more information about the autistic students in an inclusive education. The three common principles of inclusive teaching speak to the heart of good teaching matters: • There is a diversity of learners and ways of learning, which need to be taken into account ... for example? teaching more inclusive. Treating all staff and students fairly and equally. Inclusive pedagogy is a method of teaching in which instructors and classmates work together to create a supportive environment that gives each student equal access to learning. by Andrew Greer, Graduate Teaching Fellow. In this way, inclusive education can capture ideas from the real life and experiences in each child. Each activity includes the overview, goals, and instructions for implementing the activity successfully and includes advice on how to best utilize it. This section catalogues resources that are appropriate for a variety of classroom settings. The examples demonstrate how inclusive pedagogical practices can be implemented in syllabus construction. Teaching examples. Through using varied teaching techniques and mediums, teachers can increase the engagement of their entire class, not just the students who respond to a particular style of learning and expression. In preparation for online instructional delivery, all Northwestern instructors should review these materials and An inclusive teaching and learning environment needs to allow learners’ to feel comfortable, relaxed and feel safe to allow them to maximise the opportunity to learn and achieve their full learning potential. We have here … C Inclusive teaching and learning Introduction Organisations working within the learning and skills sector face increasing challenges as the UK becomes more diverse and multicultural.

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