Our fellowship program will be focused on the Society of Hospital Medicine curriculum to improve skills in hospital medicine and to become more marketable for job opportunities in hospital medicine. The curriculum provides increased knowledge and improved skills in hospital medicine through clinical rotations, didactic sessions, quality improvement projects, and other learning opportunities. “I am constantly using the tools and knowledge I acquired during my fellowship year,” she said. Hospital medicine is a medical specialty that exists in some countries as a branch of internal or family medicine, dealing with the care of acutely ill hospitalized patients. The APA is dedicated to providing the most up-to-date information regarding fellowship programs, as well as other resources for those interested in learning more about careers in AGP and PHM. The UW fellowship will provide early career hospitalists with the core skills in quality improvement, teaching, and research needed to become successful clinician-educators and leaders in academic hospital medicine. Discover fellowship opportunities available throughout the United States, including requirements and application deadlines, and more. This information reflects the most current information that SHM possesses. SHM offers Fellow designations across a variety of membership categories including physicians, qualified practice administrators, nurse practitioners and physician assistants. Candidates with interest in hospital-acquired complications and hospital-acquired infections are encouraged to apply as this remains a core strength of the group. Electives are offered in perioperative medicine (both inpatient and outpatient), advanced heart failure, utilization review and bedside procedures. Two of our faculty have CAQ’s in Geriatrics and run a … Fellows on the research track will receive structured training in clinical research methods, biostatistics, clinical trial design and methods of grant preparation. 11 months General Medicine, 1 month selective. Atrium Health Adult Specialty Care Fellowships: Behavioral Health, Cardiology, Geriatrics, Hematology, Oncology, Urology (704) 446-5185 PO Box 32861, Charlotte NC 28232-2861 93721, Clinical Duties: 6 weeks clinical attending; 10 weeks neurohospitalist; Individualized electives, Research: 7 week clinical research workshop. Mentored by the Partnership’s Chief Medical Officer, Vice Presidents of Operations, and Regional Directors, Fellows are involved in essential projects that introduce them to important issues, such as quality, risk, advocacy, and continuing education. At the conclusion of his fellowship training in 2016, Dr. Prochaska completed his Master’s in Health Sciences, which gives considerable attention to biostatistics and epidemiology. What additional training (clinical, research, quality improvement, leadership) might I need to achieve these goals? Below, is an exhaustive list of US PA postgraduate residency and fellowship programs as of January 2019. Goals for the Fellowship Program. Ask yourself: “Where do I see myself in 10 years? Sara Carter, Fellowship Program Administrator, Internal Medicine GME OfficeUPMC Montefiore HospitalN715200 Lothrop StreetPittsburgh, PA 15213, https://www.dom.pitt.edu/dgim/fellowship/index.html, 1-2 Hospitalist Track fellows accepted per year. Courses and research seminar participation required. Selected courses through UCSD CREST programOption to pursue formal MAS in Clinical Research. Fellows will have the opportunity to sharpen their skills with a variety of sub-specialty faculty preceptors for rotations that include cardiology, nephrology and critical care. For Dr. Schaffer and Dr. Prochaska, fellowship provided training and experience well-matched to their individual goals and helped foster their careers in hospital medicine. In contrast to Dr. Schaffer, Dr. Prochaska was satisfied with his clinical training but chose to pursue a hospital medicine fellowship to develop research skills. The clinical training is based on direct involvement in patient care under the supervision of a full-time faculty physician. Phoenix Children’s Hospital. This 1-year hospital medicine fellowship started in 2008 with an intentional clinical focus, aiming to provide additional training opportunities in hospital medicine primarily to family medicine residency graduates. Johns Hopkins also has a separate hospitalist fellowship at Johns Hopkins Bayview Medical Center, where 30% of each year in the 2-year program is spent in the clinic. So we are looking at 170 shifts a year. The one-year Hospital Medicine Fellowship at Mayo Clinic in Rochester, Minnesota, is designed to: Refine the knowledge and skill set of hospital medicine, promote effective interdisciplinary teamwork, promote research directed to improving the delivery of inpatient medical care, produce national leaders in academic hospital medicine, and promote Mayo Clinic values in a rapidly growing national field. Name of Hospital: Fellows on the medical education track will receive structured training in adult learning, qualitative research, curriculum development, educational leadership, research in medical education, and instruction and evaluation in medical education. Felicia Stephens, BS - Education Program Coordinator, Pickens Academic Tower 13th Floor (FCT13.6092) S1400 Pressler Street 1215 21st Ave SouthHouston, TX 77030. Likewise, in 2014 Dr. Micah Prochaska was seriously contemplating a hospital medicine fellowship. And the question remains: why pursue fellowship training in the first place? The fellow will also get teaching experience in supervising residents on the family medicine inpatient service. Year 2 & 3: 8-12 weeks of clinical time, with remainder spent on mentored clinical research training. Masters degree in relevant program (health studies, public policy, etc.) The 2-year fellowship will include enrollment in any the highly-regarded Masters programs at HUP including but not limited to the Center for Clinical Epidemiology and Biostatistics (CCEB) to obtain a Master of Science in Clinical Epidemiology for formalized training in research methodology. Fellowship is flexible and adaptable to past experiences. The program became ACGME accredited in July 2020. Ranji et al. Name of Hospital: Mailing Address: Dates of Appointment: Types of Appointment: 2. Each fellowship emphasized different aspects of hospital medicine including clinical practice, research, quality improvement, and leadership. 1. Northwestern University /Ann and Robert H. Lurie Children’s Hospital of Chicago. Clinical work includes 9 weeks days, 5 weeks nights per year (70% on teaching services). Advanced fellowships in hospital medicine are designed to help hospitalists tailor a more focused career, says Ami Joshi, DO, MBA, who directs the one-year hospital medicine fellowship program under the division of hospital medicine at Cooper University Hospital in Camden, N.J. She also completed rotations in the ICU, on subspecialty services, and received advanced training in point-of-care ultrasound. Available, primarily a clinical/QI oriented fellowship. Fellows are appointed to an NIH-funded training grant and are required to complete a Master's program in clinical research at the Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health. PHM Fellowship Directors’ Council Executive Steering Team: Chair: Karen Jerardi MD; karen.jerardi@cchmc.org. 2 year fellowship with 9 shifts per month as a clinical hospitalist. Unsure if she could get a hospitalist job in an urban market given the outpatient focus of her training, Dr. Schaffer began searching for fellowships on the Society of Hospital Medicine website.1. Other optional activities include pursuing interest based clinical electives and training in bedside diagnostic ultrasound and procedural ultrasound. “I pursued a fellowship in hospital medicine to hone my inpatient skills, obtain more ICU exposure, and work on procedures.”. We are grateful for the support from the American Academy of Pediatrics Section on Hospital Medicine, which has been instrumental in achieving this goal. The fellow should expect procedurally rich training including training in bedside ultrasound evaluation and ultrasound guided procedures including central line placement, paracentesis, thoracentesis, etc. Fellows. All Rights Reserved. Fellows also have two elective months, chosen from fields such as additional IM based subspecialties, Psychiatry, outpatient Family Medicine, Interventional Radiology, and Pediatrics. 4 months (plus up to 4 months additional as elective time). nathaniel.reisinger@pennmedicine.upenn.edu, https://pennultrasound.org/fellowships#/internal-medicine/family-medicine-track. Hospitalist investigators will also receive mentorship on teaching on the wards and developing key skills for a successful career as an academic leader in Hospital Medicine. Certificate option: Clinical Research Enhancement through Supplemental Training (CREST). It will allow physicians to develop leadership skills which are considered essential for modern hospitalists, learn how to be a teacher and mentor, conduct clinical research, focus on performance improvement and gain more clinical experience—all while learning about the business side of hospital medicine. Our fellows will participate in daily ICU rounds with our Critical Care specialists to gain a much deeper exposure and understanding of critical care medicine. The best advice to those considering a hospital medicine fellowship? Fellows will serve as hospital medicine attendings on the daytime admitting team or in the nocturnist role for 13 weeks during the subsequent six months of their fellowship. The AHMF is ideal for graduating Residents or early career Hospitalists who anticipate careers as clinician-educators and administrators in an academic tertiary care setting. The program is built within the Michigan National Clinician Scholars Program (formerly the RWJ Clinical Scholars Program). 1-year program: Primarily Clinical with focus on developing skills in education, scholarly work, QI, and administrative leadership.3-year program: Mentored program with defined curriculum designed to create high quality clinical investigators. Our hospitalist scholars match at competitive fellowships and go on to become leaders in clinical and educational program development. I hope SDN can give me thoughts and advice. 7 week Training in Clinical Research (TICR) program that provides instruction in designing clinical research, basic statistical methods, and database management. Dr. Schaffer’s online search eventually led her to the Advanced Hospital Medicine Fellowship at Swedish Medical Center in Seattle. Fellows engage in mentored research projects, with a focus on QI, PCOR, safety, and improving equity and value of inpatient care. Fellowship Programs The Department's 15 ACGME-accredited fellowship-training programs prepare fellows for excellence in clinical training and research. On average, hospitalist jobs offer 11 days a year of PTO time on top of that; although, more than 50% of hospitalists do not get any PTO at all. Each fellowship emphasized different aspects of hospital medicine including clinical practice, research, quality improvement, and leadership. New York-Presbyterian Combined Fellowship at Columbia and Cornell. Eligibility Requirements include: Successful completion of ACGME approved family medicine residency program, unrestricted license or eligibility for an unrestricted license in Tennessee, eligibility for medical staff privileges at Jackson Madison County General Hospital, Must be ACLS and ATLS certified prior to start date, Letter of Recommendation from program director and 2 additional letters of recommendations, Step 3 Board Score Report. The candidate will complete either the Master of Health Administration (Executive) or Healthcare Quality and Safety with tuition assistance provided. Mentorship in Health Services Research, Patient Safety and Quality Improvement. For example, at one point in the summer of 2018, the SHM website listed 13 clinical family practice fellowships, 29 internal medicine fellowships, and 26 pediatric fellowships. “The goal of our program is to bridge the gap between the training of family medicine and internal medicine so our trainees can refine and develop their inpatient skills,” said Dr. David Wilson, program director of the Swedish Hospitalist Fellowship. Each fellowship track is associated with an intensive didactic or classroom-based course, clinical duties, and experiential work, as described below. The hospitalist service at MD Anderson Cancer Center (MDACC) treats approximately 25,000 patients annually. Inpatient adult medicine including critical care, working primarily with the CMH team as well as subspecialty rotations and intensives including cardiology, pulmonology, critical care, nephrology, neurology, hematology/oncology and gastroenterology. Fellows will work closely with our Patient Centered Outcomes Research (PCOR) program and complete a Master of Science in clinical and translational research (MS) program. The first year of the fellowship focuses primarily on clinical and medical education skills. Adolescent Medicine (Pediatrics) Adult Congenital Heart Disease Advanced Heart Failure and Transplant Cardiology Allergy … Fellows conduct a research project of their own design, receive mentoring from faculty with expertise in hospital medicine and other subjects, and complete a degree in the UCLA School of Public Health (e.g., MSHS, PhD). Fellows are encouraged to be involved in a Quality Improvement Project within the Idaho State University Family Medicine Residency Quality Improvement curriculum. In addition, receiving little more than a resident’s salary for an additional year or more during fellowship may not be financially tenable for some. he Benchmark-USC Hospital Medicine Administrative fellowship is a collaborative partnership between Benchmark and the University of Southern California Marshall School of Business. Status. According to Dr. Prochaska, the key to becoming a successful academic researcher lies in one’s ability to write grants and receive funding, a skill he honed during this fellowship. The PHM fellow will complete modules in research and quality improvement, and is expected to develop a quality improvement and/or research project, as well as participating in educational activities for residents and medical students. In addition to core rotations in hospital medicine, newborn, complex care, co-management, and sedation, individualized rotations in intensive care, emergency medicine, palliative care, surgery, child abuse and neglect, and pain management are available. Fellows will complete Master of Education in medical education (MEd) program and receive directly observed feedback on ward based teaching rounds and small group based teaching. The UT Hospitalist Fellowship in Jackson, TN is an outstanding opportunity for family physicians that desire further training in hospital and critical care medicine. Appointment as Clinical Instructor of Medicine. Clinical Duties: 12 months/yr inpatient hospitalist medicine at 700 bed academic regional referral center with option of 1-2 months/yr at rural inpatient hospitalist medicine site, Hospitalist Medicine training includes the management of inpatients in both the primary role and serving other physicians of multiple specialties, surgical and medical as consultants for residency trained and Board Certified Family Physicians. Section of Hospital MedicineVanderbilt University Medical CenterSuite 6000 Medical Center East - North Tower1215 21st Ave SouthNashville, TN 37232-8300, Veterans Affairs Quality Scholars Program, MPH, mentored QI research, UCSF-Fresno | Dept. How to Apply. Now in her second year of practice as a full time adult hospitalist at Swedish Medical Center, Dr. Schaffer believes her year of hospital medicine fellowship prepared her well for her current position. Our curriculum will be heavily geared for management of the hospital patient from admission through discharge to include patients in our open access ICU beds. You will receive training in transitions of care in both hospital follow up clinics and transitional care at our skilled nursing facility. 2006 Jan;119(1):72.e1-7. During our weekly research meeting ideas are developed and PhD level statistician leads discussion of statistical design and research methods. Rigorous training in Medical Education or Clinical Research, required mentored research project, and conferral of Master's Degree in Medical Education or Clinical Research through the University of Pittsburgh (paid for by Division of General Internal Medicine). “I learned that as a family physician it is harder to get a job as a hospitalist outside of smaller communities, and I wanted to have extra training and credentials,” Dr. Schaffer said. Our fellowship has a strong research focus while meeting the clinical and educational requirements of the developing subspecialty of pediatric hospital medicine. The 2nd and 3rd year of the fellowship focus on acquiring and applying academic skills tailored to the applicant's interest. Cooper University Hospital is one of South Jersey’s largest teaching hospitals affiliated with the Cooper Medical School of Rowan University. Fellowship in Hospital Medicine (Clinical) is a 12 months program to train young physicians to become outstanding Hospitalists. Fellows are appointed to an NIH funded training grant and complete research training with the option to pursue an advanced degree. Please upgrade your browser from Internet Explorer 10 to Internet Explorer 11 or higher. Fellows are recommended and supported to enroll in UW training programs, including a year-long certificate program in quality improvement methods, a year-long certificate program in medical education research, and introductory courses in patient-centered outcomes research (research design and basic statistical methods). Core rotations include Adult Hospitalist Medicine (6 months); Critical Care Medicine (2 months); and hospital-based rotations in Infectious Disease, Cardiology, and Neurology. Our hospital has 650 beds with 75 ICU beds and we serve over 18 counties. Fellows also actively participate in ongoing quality improvement projects as well as educational initiatives within the division of Hospital Medicine. Dr. Sundar is a hospitalist at Emory Saint Joseph’s Hospital in Sandy Springs, Ga., and serves as the Site Assistant Director for Education. Learn more about applying to the Pediatric Hospital Medicine Fellowship. “You could get a master’s degree on your own, but with the fellowship program, your mentors can help you think about the next steps in your career.”. 1 Year Program: 16 weeks core clinical ward experience with additional 12 weeks of elective clinical time3-year Program: Year 1, same as above. We have a strong track record of training academic hospitalists, and 100% of our hospitalist graduates currently hold … Formal research training available; advanced degree possible. Opportunities to teach medical students in the small group setting is also available. Formal research training through masters coursework at the George Washington Univeristy and hospital-wide fellow's core educational curriculum. Fellows will have the opportunity to benefit from active interaction with all medical disciplines involved in the care of the hospitalized cancer patient. AAFP AAFP AAFP Foundation Foundation Copyright by Society of Hospital Medicine or related companies. Hospitalist Rotation - 6 months ICU - 2 months Elective - 4 months. ©2021 Society of Hospital Medicine. Limited to 20 % of each fellow’s effort, facilitated by the Hospital’s General Pediatrics Inpatient Service or by the fellow’s subspecialty, Masters-level coursework in study design and biostatistics at the University of Pennsylvania (MSCE or MSHP), combined with mentored research projects to develop expertise in comparative effectiveness research, quality measurement, severity adjustment, and economic evaluation as they relate to pediatric hospital care, An emphasis on holistic inpatient clinical excellence, adminstrative acumen, research skill sets and medical education, 6 months in the first year, 4-5+ months in subsequent years; primarily on the inpatient pediatric ward. Our hospital has the busiest emergency room in the state of Tennessee with over 100,000 visits per year. Dedicate some time to engage in self-assessment and goal setting, before jumping to SHM’s online list of programs. Quality Improvement/Research project, Monica De Los SantosAdministrative Coordinator, 1959 NE Pacific St. Mentoring available from Chief of Hospital Medicine, Quality Director, and executive staff. Includes 4 weeks on teaching service, 5 weeks on non-teaching hospital medicine service, and 4 weeks of nights with trainees. 3 months clinical service in 1 week blocks per year. Fellowship Faculty Our robust faculty includes all physicians within the Mercyhealth Family Medicine Residency Program, Mercyhealth Hospital and Trauma Center–Janesville hospitalists, and rotating specialty physicians. 1 month of inpatient ward attending, including experience on the teaching service at Moffitt-Long Hospital and the medical consult / comanagement service at Moffitt-Long, 5 weeks of inpatient nighttime hospitalist (with supervising responsibility of housestaff), 7 months of inpatient clinical service, medical education, and quality improvement work in Haiti (with Partners in Health or PIH) or Liberia (with Tiyatien Health), in a district level hospital. Syndicate said: Hello everyone, I am a rising PGY3 (in <1 week!) 1 month critical care, 3 months resident teaching service, 4 months hospitalist service, Educational rotations (each 1 month) include: Geropsych / Psychiatry, Clinical Quality Administrative, Geriatric Consult Service, Palliative Care. For some, however, a fellowship may not be a necessary step on the path to becoming a hospitalist. We will have ultrasound guided central line and advanced airway training during orientation for the fellowship to also include hands on training in ventilator management. “It is hard to find senior mentors in hospital medicine,” Dr. Prochaska said. How to Apply. For some, however, a fellowship may not be a necessary step on the path to becoming a hospitalist. IM resident currently debating whether or not to do heme onc fellowship vs just practicing as a Hospitalist. As Dr. Melanie Schaffer neared the end of her family medicine residency in the spring of 2015, she found herself considering a hospital medicine fellowship. Our goal is to recruit and train motivated individuals interested in becoming leaders in academic hospital medicine. Advanced degree available in either Master of Science in Clinical Research or Master of Public Health degree. MDACC is one of the largest cancer research centers in the world. Given the ongoing demand for hospitalists across the country, the lack of a fellowship on your resume may not significantly diminish your chances of securing a position, especially in the community setting. Year 1: 38 weeks (Inpatient Service, Sedation Service, LVL 2 Nursery, PICU)Year 2: 27 weeks (Inpatient Service, Community Hospital Inpatient Service, Sedation Service, Newborn Nursery). 6 months of the year (inpatient service, nursery, sedation/pain service, PICU, community hospital, elective time in 2nd year). Other optional electives include anesthesia/airway management and emergency medicine. The following is a listing of Hospitalist Fellowships available throughout the nation. Research option available & PI/QI projects available, 8 ½ Blocks – Hospital Medicine 1 Block – Hospice/Palliative Care 1 Block – Critical Care Medicine 2 Blocks – Elective Rotation ½ Block – Hospital Medicine for Holiday Coverage. In 2006, there were a total of 16 HM fellowship programs in the United States, catering to graduates of internal medicine, family medicine, and pediatric residencies.2 Since that time, the number of hospital medicine fellowships has grown considerably, paralleling the explosive growth of hospital medicine as a specialty.

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