You could alsoenjoy camping at Mandakini Eco Tourist and Camping. Longitude - 88.52 East. Chopta experiences monsoon in the months of July and August. The beauty of green meadows, blooming flowers and dense forest remains at peak on this season in chopta. Seeing the most ferocious goddess sitting on the peaks amidst these mountains can be one of the best sights. Latitude - 27.9 North. Check weather forecast before planning a tour. The minimun and maximum temperature in January in Chopta is -8°C and 7°C respectively. There are numerous Chopta valleys in Himalayas and this one is above Thangu village at an altitude of 13000 ft. A mud-track road runs parallel to the valley and you can travel for a few kilometres to see it stretching far. The weather is perfect and visitors can enjoy activities like trekking, nature sightseeing and birding. Saari Gaon or the Sari village is one of the most beautiful villages that attract a lot of trekkers and travelers. It is also loved for its ease of accessibility. Why Chopta in WINTER:- Chopta is blanketed with snow and is ideal for various snow sports like snow skiing and snow trekking.Trees are laden with snow and Chopta is picturesque. One can visit Chopta valley and gaze in awe at the many peaks located a short distance away from the valley. One can choose to reach Delhi either by Bus, Train, or Flights as Delhi is well-connected by all the three modes. Do carry raincoats. This is one of the must-visit places during trekking in Chopta Valley. This sanctuary is surrounded by a wide variety of flora and fauna and known for breeding musk deer and the other Himalayan animals too. Chopta Valley, Ukhimath, Uttarakhand, India. Winter hiking tours are available in Chopta. Yes, a good level of fitness is a necessity for this trek, and also to prepare mentally is also mandatory. At the middle and end of the June, chopta receives pre-monsoon rainfall. Suggested Read: Rivers In Uttarakhand: Know Everything About These Water Bodies Which Are A Lifesource Of The State! This is one of the best lakes that have to be visited during the Chopta trek. Contact us for planning your Chopta tour with best travel packages of as per your requirements! Winters are freezing at Chopta so do carry heavy woollens. During the months of March to May, the average temperature can range anywhere between 12 … It is certainly the best time for carrying out different adventure activities as well as going on sightseeing tours. Days remains pleasant and clear. Dynamic House, Maruti Industrial Complex, 7 Astounding Reasons Why You Should Head To The Chopta Valley In 2021. The summer here is warm, pleasant and sunny, the winter comes with a great view and makes this place very pleasant with the greenery, and the winters are chilly and perfect to sit beside the bonfire. Weather of Chopta : Due to the different forms of weather, the Chopta valley attracts tourists throughout the year. At the middle and end of the June, chopta receives pre-monsoon rainfall. Taking a flight to Dehradun can be one of the best options too. Even for the snow-lovers, Chopta in winters can be a surreal experience. Winters: Serenity and solitude are at its best during winters at Chopta. The maximum temperature from October to January can be anywhere between 15 degrees Celsius to 21 degrees Celsius. During the months of March to May, the average temperature can range anywhere between 12 degrees Celsius to 21 degrees Celsius. Hence, the best time to visit Chopta is during Summer from March to May. If you are residents of Delhi then, the cost can be reduced further as one need not fly. You will be redirected to your dashboard shortly. Most of the people love to raft, and Rishikesh is one of the best destinations to go rafting. Suggested Read: 8 Best Places Near Uttarakhand That You Should Add To Your Itinerary Right Now! Carry heavy woolen clothes. Our cottages and Igloos are made up of pinewood that connect luxury to nature that are not only comfortable but also luxurious and offer the best accomodation in Chopta, contact us to Book Now Chopta - Switzerland of Uttarakhand. Home for the mighty Himalayas also has lovely temples and spiritual centers to visit. 8 Best Places Near Uttarakhand That You Should Add To Your Itinerary Right Now! Due to three types of Rhododendron, this valley looks like painted with the tricolor. Chopta is a small region of meadows and evergreen forest area which is a part of kedarnath wildlife sanctuary located in Uttarakhand state, India and a base for trekking to Tungnath, third temple of Panch Kedar, which lies 3.5 kilometres (2.2 mi) away.Located at a distance of 1.5 kilometres (0.93 mi) from Tungnath is Chandrashila, a rising to over 4,000 metres (13,000 ft). From here, taking taxis or buses are the possible options. Chopta Tungnath Temperature The maximum temperature of the Chopta Tungnath in September- October will be 1 degree Celsius to -1 degree Celsius. 35 Exotic Places To Visit In India In December 2021 To Enjoy A Surreal Vacation! It is a popular area for tourism containing alpine vegetation, orchids, rhododendrons and other high-altitude vegetation. The green layer of meadows and blooming flower around chopta will surely gonna allure your sense. The reflection of Chaukhamba Peak in the lake is a sight to behold when you are here. Deoria Tal. Chopta Weather Updates. You should pack these things with you if you are planning a trip to Chopta Valley. Indoor Humidity 29% (Very Dry) Dew Point 17° F. Cloud Cover 43%. 60 Best Honeymoon Destinations In India In 2021! Sandakphu Trek 2021: A Beautiful Trek Hidden In The Queen Of The Hills! 8 Exotic Villas In Uttarakhand Are Perfect For Your Next Mountain Getaway, 10 Rustic Homestays In Uttarakhand For A Lovely Abode In The Hills. Due to the pleasant weather during summers the valley can be best visited at this time. This is one of the best spots to camp as it is filled with dense forests. It is located at a distance of 4 km and it takes about 2 hours to reach this peak. Check if there are any special documents required at the check posts and carry them accordingly without fail. If it is a group trip, then the cost can be further reduced furthermore. carry light woolen clothes because temp goes down in the evening/night. It is best to avoid visiting the place in winters if you are not used to the cold temperatures. Recommended travel months to Chopta are March –June, and Sept – Nov. Winter: (October – December) Chopta, Chandrashila, and Tungnath are snow covered through the winter. Worth visiting Chopta on this season. No, there are no direct flights to Chopta. The best way to reach Chopta valley in Uttarakhand is to go via Delhi. Best time to visit Chopta with clear, pleasant and warm days. 15 Places To Visit In Uttarakhand This Winter 2020-21. Here you will also get News of Chopta Valley, Tungnath, Sari Village, Deoriatal, Ukhimath and Makku Village. The airport is called Jolly Grant Airport, and it is located around 226km away from Chopta village. Get the forecast for today, tonight & tomorrow's weather for Chopta, Uttarakhand, India. On your return journey from Gurudongmar, take a turn to reach Chopta valley. The Himalayas are distinctly visible and the cool breeze adds charm to the vacation. The trek would become an amazing memory when you go back and write it down in your travel journal. It is an amazing offbeat weekend destination. After monsoons, Chopta valley becomes lush green. Chopta valley is a great place to visit during any time of the year. Wonders never cease in North Sikkim. Another one of the most beautiful tourist places in Lachung, the stunning Chopta valley is wrapped up in North Sikkim. Suggested Read: Dehradun Travel Guide: A Traveler’s Handbook To Explore The Capital City Of Uttarakhand! Good for outdoor activities and to enjoy the rich flora-fauna and serene beauty of Chopta. Covered with snow and chances of heavy snowfall. There are a lot of places that one can visit during Trekking in Chopta Valley. Chopta promises a life-altering expansion of your boundaries. Altitude - 14,000 ft. However, the trek is opened even during the summer season. Max UV Index 4 Moderate. The overall cost for the Chopta trek can be anywhere 15-20k. Catching the reflections of the surrounding peaks can be really joyous when you are here. Dussehra, Pandav Leela, and Mahashivratri are some of the Hindu festivals that are celebrated with much fervour and zeal. The weather of Chopta valley in Uttarakhand can be pretty harsh at times. Weather Of Chopta Valley In Uttarakhand. Deoria Tal Lake is 3 km from the villages of Mastura and Sari on the Ukhimath – Chopta … Shivansh Cafe n Resto is one of the cafes in and around Chopta that you could visit for some snacks. Summers: The weather of Chopta remains salubrious and pleasing during summers. Rainfall during this time of the year is mild, and the overall weather tends to be pleasant. 9 Surreal Hill Stations Near Binsar One Must Visit And Enjoy The Best Of The Vacation In 2021! Chopta valley is perched at an elevation of 2,680 meters and is surrounded by an imposing forest of Oak, deodar and rhododendron that shadow a rich bed of flowering plants. Of course, winter is one of the best seasons to visit Chopta valley in Uttarakhand, especially if you have always dreamt of a snow trek. Temperature in November- December: -1 to -5 degree Celsius. carry light woolen clothes because temp goes down in the evening/night. Suggested Read: 6 Haunted Places In Uttarakhand That Will Give You A Chill Down Your Spine! 5 Best Water Sports In Uttarakhand For A Perfect Adventurous Trip This Summer. 2.2 June to September (Rainy Season) 2.3 October to February (Snow Season) Other than that, if you want to view the snowy surroundings, you need to choose the Chopta snowfall time, and for the lush green meadows, you need to look for different seasons. Amongst all the other treks, Chopta Valley is considered to be one of the most striking ones. We will also call you back in 24 hrs. Weather - Below 10° C throughout the year. Basic Information. There are a lot of things to do during the trek to Chopta, and well, it becomes essential to experience all these wonderful things at once. For those who love being in the wilderness will really enjoy nature’s bounty and adrenaline rush from the trekking. These 6 Things To Do In Rishikesh In May Are A Must On Your Next Vacay! Further Read: Shopping In Uttarakhand: 5 Souvenirs You Cannot Leave ‘Devbhoomi’ Without. A. In At monsoons, the valley turns to green, while in winter the color of this valley becomes black and white due to snow around. The spell bound Chandrashila Summit Trek is characterized by grandeur of its Himalayan Peak. 10 Best Cottages In Uttarakhand Ideal For Your Next Vacay In Mountains! About Chopta Valley. Taxis are available in abundant from both these places. From here, the only option to travel is Taxi. These handy tips will be useful to while planning your trip to CHopta Valley so that you can maximize the fun and have a pleasant experience. This is one of the quaintest villages located in the hearts of the majestic Himalayas, which is a paradise for all the trekkers. The temperature of the hills varies in the range starting from 10 degree Celsius to 32 degree Celsius. Partly sunny. If you are thinking of taking a vacation to Uttarakhand , maybe you should go to Chopta Valley this time. Chances of Infrequent rainfall cause of Monsoon. Best time to visit Chopta. Chopta valley Uttarakhand temperatures ranging between 10°C and 32°C in summers and -15°C to 5°C in winters. Chopta uttarakhand is surrounded by lush green forests. If you are traveling from any other places, the trek cost would be slightly on the higher side because of the flight charges. The layering of woolen clothes may differ from season to season. Air Quality Unhealthy. Also, spotting some of the rarest of animals, especially in the laps of Himalayas can be the best thing to do. This is one of those attractive meadows that have several accommodation options for trekkers. Trying to catch a glimpse of the surrounding peaks like Nanda Devi, Chaukhamba, and Trishul Peaks would make the trek even more exciting. Most of the dhabas and hotels are closed during this season in Chopta. Best time to visit Chopta with clear, pleasant and warm days. Below freezing point in Winter and in the night. Trekking during the winter season to the Himalayas amidst the snow-capped mountains can be one of the most brilliant experiences. She is a foodie and loves binge-watching Game of Thrones. For stay, no hotels or resorts and tents,camps are only options which increase your travel experience. Sitting about 2 hours away from Lachung, and beautifully en route Gurudongmar Lake, Chopta valley reigns at a staggering 4,000 meters above sea level. There are lot of options for camping in Chopta that you may also try on your trip. Trains to Haridwar are available from all the other major cities in India. The closest railway-station to Chopta valley in Uttarakhand is about 225km away in Haridwar. Himalayan Eco Lodge and Forest Eco Resort are some of the great places to saty amidst nature. Wind Gusts 8 mph. Location: Sari Village,Rudraprayag district, Uttarakhand, Suggested Read: 15 Places To Visit In Uttarakhand This Winter 2020-21. I Started my journey to Chopta Tungnath from New Delhi on My Tvs Ntorq 125 with my Friends. The summer months see the largest crowds that Chopta faces, as the main trekking routes reopen. You cannot miss to visit this serene temple on your Chopta Valley trek.. Must Read: 10 Things To Do In Uttarakhand For Adrenaline Rush & Soul-Stirring Thrills In 2021! … Suggested Read: 5 Best Water Sports In Uttarakhand For A Perfect Adventurous Trip This Summer. When you are trekking, there would not be a lot of options but, once you are exploring the village or any other places, there is one restaurant that you can go to. Carry heavy woolen clothes and a pair of snow-boots. Trekking lovers, travelers and photographers come here all the year round. The best winter months for visiting the region are between January and March. Carry heavy woolen clothes. Pleasant And Clear. Days remains pleasant and clear with chilling cold temp at night. From Delhi, one must take a bus to Hrishikesh or Haridwar to reach Rudraprayag or Ukhimath. If you have ever wondered what serenity and divinity would be like, then, visiting this place is a must. A. Best time to visit Chopta is April to November. The maximum temperature from October to January can be anywhere between 15 degrees Celsius to 21 degrees Celsius. One can either choose to stay in lodges or even tents according to their convenience and preference. It is one of the must-go-to places during the Chopta trek. Humidity 34%. Covered with snow and chances of snowfall in the starting of the month. There are a lot of stay options in Chopta, and most of the villages here have accommodation facilities at a budget for trekkers. If you want to visit other places and also want to get an amazing view of the lush green valley, the months from March to May are the ideal ones. Yes, anyone can trek to Chopta Valley, provided they are well-trained. Trekking to one of the places like Chopta Valley can be a dream to everyone because this is one of the most secluded places in Uttarakhand. This temple is 1000 years old and is located at an elevation of 3, 680 meters above the sea level. There aren’t any special events that one could attend Dasara; however, Pandav Leela, Festivals at Tungnath, and Mahashivratri some of the festivals that are celebrated here. Freezing cold with chances of snowfall in the middle and end of Dec. Chicken sizzler and Pan Omelette are some of the must-eats when you are in this café. Driving in Chopta is very tough on this season because of sleepy and snow covered road. The base camp of treks like Tugnanath, Deoria Tal and Chandrashila, Chopta is an ideal destination for intermediate trekkers to go on a guided trek and brush up their skills. Suggested Read: 8 Best Waterfalls In Uttarakhand To Witness Nature’s Spectacular Creations. 20 Mysterious Places In India To Visit In 2021 More Bizarre Than The Bermuda Triangle, 10 Scariest Roads In India That Are A Driver’s Nightmare, 101 Places To Visit In India Before You Turn 30 in 2021. Chilling cold. Chopta Valley trek is a great opportunity for you to explore the little hamlets and villages on the way and learn about the lifestyle and culture of Uttarakhand people. One can get to sight the far-reaching views of the Garhwal Himalayas. Suggested Read: 10 Rustic Homestays In Uttarakhand For A Lovely Abode In The Hills. Carry light woollens with you. starting April through June. Chopta is a joy to visit throughout the year, but yes people choose to come here to beat the heat, however for an adventure lover, a winter trek here, is a dream. Once the train reaches Haridwar taking taxis from Hrishikesh is the best option. Khirsu Village: An Offbeat Gem In Uttarakhand That’s Winning Hearts With Its Captivating Beauty. Chopta, a small hamlet located in Uttarakhand, is a trekker's heaven. Chopta has recently recieved heavy snowfall on 7th Jan 2020 which has covered Chopta with a thick blanket of snow. If you are here during these times, you could make time to take part in these festivals. Chopta Valley. With each turn, each valley, each rivulet trying to outdo the other in the scenic beauty that it offers. You can take a detour to Rishikesh either on your way to Chopta or when you are headed downhill to the plains. But still we will try to get as many news, updates, events happening in Chopta Region. However, it is advisable to carry along adequate rain gear if you are on a trip to Chopta during this part of the year. A. Witnessing a lovely emerald lake early in the morning amidst the snow-capped mountains of Chopta can be one of the wondrous experiences that everyone would crave to have. Chaukhamba, Neelkanth, and Kedarnath are some of the peaks that one can spot when you are in Rohini Bugyal during the Chopta trek. Check weather forecast before planning a tour. When she’s not living her dream you can find her in the kitchen cooking. Most of the trekkers choose this place as their base camp during the trek to Chopta and also to Chandrashila or any other peaks nearby. Yes, one can also go to Chandrashila trek and Tungnath trek too. Summers are very pleasant with a cool breeze and moderate weather. If you are a wildlife lover, you would certainly love spending time at this beautiful sanctuary. 95 Best Honeymoon Destinations In The World In 2021 For A Romantic Escape! Chances of Infrequent rainfall cause of Monsoon. Location: Kalimath Village, Rudraprayag District, Uttarakhand. It is not just about trekking; it is also about going to a few other places that are mentioned below. It provides surreal views of peaks Nanda Devi, Trishul and Chaukhamba. Enjoy snowfall, snow trekking and camping during winters in Chopta. If you are planning for an individual trek to Chopta, one can also try doing it on a tight budget too. Plan the trek accordingly according to the seasons that are convenient for you. A. But you can see the best of Chopta during winters as it looks like mini Switzerland during winters. Winters in this place are very chilly and freezing as the temperature tend to go below zero degrees during this time. Location: Gopeshwar Road, ChoptaTiming: 9AM – 5 PM. Experiencing the lovely hamlet of Baniyakund becomes mandatory when you are in Chopta. The valley is criss-crossed by meandering rivers. Tucked beautifully in the snow-capped peaks of Chandrashila Peak, Tungnath is dedicated to Lord Shiva and is considered one of the five holiest Shiva temples located in Uttarakhand. There are packages as well, which one can choose too, and this would have everything covered as part of the trek. Since it is a small and quaint village, there aren’t many options for going on a gastronomical tour. Kalimath also holds a position amongst the 108 other Shakti Peethas; hence, a lot of devotees flock into this temple that is dedicated to the goddess Kali. Eco-Sensitive Zone (Kedarnath Reserve National Park), Unspoiled Beauty (not commercialized yet). Monsoons in the city during July to September experience mild rainfall, and the overall weather will be pleasant. Ans: The best season to visit Chopta Valley is summers i.e. Best time to visit Chopta with clear, pleasant and warm days. Known as the paradise of India, Uttarakhand has several other places to go to. Worth visiting Chopta on this season. Suggested Read: 10 Best Cottages In Uttarakhand Ideal For Your Next Vacay In Mountains! The same area that looks lush and fertile in summer is arid and snowy in winter. Hi/Low, RealFeel®, precip, radar, & everything you need to be ready for the day, commute, and weekend! carry light woolen clothes because temp goes down in the evening/night. Apart from these, there are also villas and resorts if you are planning for a luxurious trip to this place. Enjoy the sip of tea, gazing at the snow capped peaks at Chopta during monsoons. Amalgamation of cloudy and sunny days. You can book as per your budget and convenience. A. Chopta Valley looks painted in red and white colors. The time of rhododendron flowering stats from mid-march and can get up to the second week of April. Chopta weather in WINTER :- Temperature drops minimum to minus five and it snows throughout.Snow last till March. It is less crowded and one can Enjoy nature in Its fullest form here. Driving in Chopta is very tough on this season because of sleepy and snow covered road. This place also has a lot of accommodation facilities hence; this is one of the best places to go to during the Chopta trek. Jan, Feb, Mar, Apr, May, Jun, Sep, Oct, Nov, Dec, Hill Station, Trekking, Camping, Bird Watching, Yoga, Meditation, Temple. Ekta believes that unless you are not riding on a wave you are not living at all. Experiencing wild in the wilderness of Chopta can be the most thrilling experience one could ask for. Summers in the city during March to May experience a maximum temperature of around 30°C and a minimum temperature of around 10°C. The region is blessed with snowfall during winters and the accommodation options also remain few. You can read also Places to Visit in Chopta. Dehradun Travel Guide: A Traveler’s Handbook To Explore The Capital City Of Uttarakhand! The weather is generally covered with snow in January and you would feel chilling cold throughout the day. 7 Places To Visit Near Almora That Must Be Explored On Your Next Vacay! Yes, because the temperature might drop down to lower degrees during the night! 927 likes. 6 Haunted Places In Uttarakhand That Will Give You A Chill Down Your Spine! Chilling cold with snowy views. We will provide you all the latest updates about road conditions, weather alerts of Chopta region for 2020. This heavenly lake is located at a distance of 3 km from Sari village. Chopta is very beautiful place with immense beauty and charm. This village is a base camp to everyone, and generally, most of the trekkers would stay here when Chopta is closed due to harsh weather conditions. 10 Things To Do In Uttarakhand For Adrenaline Rush & Soul-Stirring Thrills In 2021! July. Wind NNW 6 mph. We provide easy booking options that suits every pocket so that you can enjoy the lovely ... Read more How to reach Chopta

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