Sunday, December 6, 2009. transmuting nightshade none of my four crafting stations will let me transmute nightshade. Bad Juju is back in Destiny 2! As part of the largest Wizard101 Community and Wizard101 Forums online, this is a community wiki that anyone can contribute to!. 2. Love and Blessings, Rowan I started playing Wizard101 in September 2010 and Pirate101 in August 2012. Yeah, so my Grandmaster Death, Heather Nightshade, her wraith reached Epic level this past day. I was really frustrated at first too when i … If you dont have black lotuses buy the transmute black lotus and get those ingredients. I did Rattle Bones Master Challenge, and got the Ultra King Parsley, and mote of Transport on the second attempt. Kelp is located in Celestia and Crab Alley. Amber can be bought from Brandon Mistborn in Unicorn Way for 5000 Arena tickets. 0. I personally had the most trouble with getting the Water Lilies. I have the right spell and plenty of mushrooms so don't know the problem. We are a Wizard101 and Pirate101 Fansite. No longer blogging or having any interaction with Wizard101 community. I have found peace in another game, not to be mentioned. They are somewhere near the Lord Nightshade's tower.There is almost always a red mandrake growing behind the rightmost tombstone in Nightside.If you have gotten access to nightside already, you have the perfect place to farm reagents. A Transmute Recipes are recipes you can buy from various Recipe Vendors around the spiral! Wizard101 Marleybone Part 1: Hyde Park - … Mushrooms can be found there as well. So here that I can share with you. nightshade with the quest to do this you need to beat all three streets and become a three steet saver that is how i did it and you get a key for meral abose to go in there Posted: feb 09, 2009 7:01 pm The ingredients If you want to transmute amber using other ingredients, find Shane McGobhann in the Wild in Avalon. Collect cool creatures to train in fun mini pet games, and win awesome gear from tough boss battles. The only way to get a free membership on Wizard101 is by a a game card that you can find commonly in Gamestops. Wizards can learn spells, fight monsters, and make friends for free in the magic Wizard games world of Wizard City! Save stone blocks to transmute to fossil. I also tried the Krokopatra Master Challenge, and on the fourth try, got the Myth Whirlwind … Wednesday, October 21, 2009. Wizard City. Wizard101 Overview Wizard101 is a 3D fantasy MMORPG set in a very Harry Potter like whole world of child wizards and evil sorcerers. It's as simple as that. Wizard101 is a highly polished game with lots of … You will need the Card Crafting Station which is available for purchase from the Furniture stores in Krokotopia, Marleybone, Mooshu and Dragonspyre for 1,500 gold. Since you need to collect Deep Mushroom for the Brick-Walled Pons anyway, I would just collect Deep Mushroom a little longer and transmute them with the recipe sold by Wul’yahm (KR), Kimba Kalla (CL) or Avery Templeton (CL). Also grow Boom Shroom - need just rank 1 in gardening. You’ll need to talk to Calus and battle through the Ascendant Plane on the Leviathan to earn it. You can find Oztomeca in Three Points, Azteca It's origins began in a journey through Wizard101 and grew to be much much more. It just seems like to many people are in Wizard City to find any reagents at all. ... Felicia Worthington now has a cheap transmute scrap iron receipe for you. Where is Red Mandrake. We devote ourselves to giving useful Information for everybody! Very fast plant, small drop table, so chances for Deep Mushroom are really good. You need 15 Deep Mushroom (which are all over the Spiral but especially in Mooshu) to make one Nightshade. dead, deadness, grave, … Top synonyms for dead (other words for dead) are death, killed and deceased. If going directly for Nightshade, grow Burning Snap Dragon (doubles as the source for Fossil, needed in quantities later on) or Fickle Pickle (a source of lots of other reagents as well, but you'd better grow a lot, like 69 in a large circle). Transmuting stone blocks into sandstone into sunstone is a waste - you need 225 stone blocks for each sunstone created this way. The "natural" sweetener agave nectar is often mistakenly assumed to be healthy. They take a number of common reagents and craft them into a single desired rare reagent! LIKE if you enjoyed, th. Ore – Kroc again. MMORPG; War Cry. ... Do you know where the transmute diamond recipe is, if you DO KNOW where it is? in mooshu. But the truth is, this sweetener is even worse than regular sugar. Latest: End Game Account(HoR ,HoR ,HoV with gear and more) Olliver Wizard 101 Accounts - Buy Sell Trade. You could do the same as for the Sandstones and ask a friend that gardens to sell some in the Bazaar. That’s a true challenge! You can find Diego in Unicorn Way. Guides, Pets, Spells, Quests, Bosses, Creatures, NPCs, Crafting, Gardening and more! It's origins began in a journey through Wizard101 and grew to be much much more. I believe the Transmute Nightshade recipe can be purchased from the Krokotopia crafting guy, Wul’yahm (sp?). Wishing you Health, Wealth, Happiness, Good Friends and Good Cheer in this coming year! * Getting Agave Nectar is probably one of the most challenging experiences in the game right now. Expect this to be an in-character blog as well as out of character blog. Mist wood – I went to mooshu, keep in mind they are still hard to find. We also will be talking about other games, not Wizard101 related, however, still keeping things kid friendly for all our readers. Talking about all things Wizard101. To transmute, you will need 5 Merle's Whiskers, 5 Amber Dusts, 15 Sunstones, and 10 Golden Pearls. Advantages: It’s in Wizard City, so it’s easy to reach (through Triton Avenue) ... Wizard101 and Pirate101 Fansite In total (amongst other things), you will need 144 Scrap Iron, 100 Frost Flower, 380 Mist Wood, 168 Stone Block, 80 Diamonds, 370 Ore, 90 Nightshade, 300 Ectoplasm, 268 Water Lily and 544 Bronze Gear, if I counted right. One of the people there has a crafting card you can buy. Nightshade: In my opinion, the easiest way to get Nightshade is to buy it from Diego The Duelmaster for 175 Arena Tickets. #Wizard101

Hello again,

Many of you wonder why I use that title for future Crafting quests with new reagents as:

~Amber Dust
~Braided Vine
~Merle's Whisker

I would like to set the advice for everyone to be prepare to get those reagents to save in share bank so you don't have to worry about in future. Transmute - You can purchase the sunstone transmute card from both Avery Templeton in Celestia Base Camp and Kimba Kalla in the Floating Land. You can also buy the transmute recipe from Avery Templeton in the Celestia Base Camp for 200 gold. 20 Nightshade: These can be transmuted from Deep Mushroom. I now have 7 wizards and 5 pirates, all named Autumn. I had time to kill this morning, so I decided I'd try to craft the Death Whirlwind mount for my wizard. Wizard101 opens a magical world of fun gameplay and adventure. Otherwise, buy it. Turquoise: You can buy Turquoise from Elik Silverfist in the Bazaar in Olde Town. He had already got the Health Gift talent, which was nice, but he saved the best for last when Death-Shot manifested. In Wizard101 Nightshade can be found through the falls to the left of the bridge in the Commons Area. Hope everyone's been do... Wizard101- Low level pvp. Staying at bazaars trying to buy them is probably more practical than collecting kelp to transmute them, but I just wanted to put it out there, ... but I barely made time last night and this morning to farm Lord Nightshade. I wanted to post his stats for you all to take a look: "Wizard 101" is a massively multiplayer online game that allows you to train and battle wizards. Luckily, I managed to get 4 Agave Nectar in less than an hour and finally crafted the Eagle War Shield for my “Transcended Crafter” badge. Wizard101 Reagent Locations Guide by Flopinator and others. It been a while that I don't doing Wizard101 online much but now I am share the test realm: Transcendent Crafter that has recipe that some of you can't access because of Zafaria craft quest to need to be done. You can craft black pearls with black lotuses now. To get Sandstone or Sunstone, use the transmute recipe sold by Avery Templeton (Celestia Base Camp) and Kimba Kalla (Celestia > The Floating Land > Water-Mole Village). Bazaar Max Price: 1,000 Gold. Transmute Vendor: Torald WayFinder, Northguard, GH. ... More Wizard101 fan sites. Stone Block – Kroc in the middle of hallways, not on the sides. Struggles, accomplishments, etc, whether on our main alts Kieran and Tristan, or on our others. King Parsley is probably the most readily available source of sunstones - the seed drops a lot … New Sweet Melissa MistSinger has been an avid player of Wizard101 since 2008 when the game was first released. Another word for deadlock. I have also found that less of a … If you get stuck it’s usually pretty easy to buy Deep Mushroom at the Bazaar. The reagents found throughout the world of "Wizard 101" are used for a variety of quests and to make specialty cards to add to a spell deck. Dropped: *Morganthe, Shadow Palace, KR ... Nightshade. Where can one find some mushroom recipes? any help greatly appriciated. Getting inside is another story. Buy the transmute black pearl card. Shell.

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